Is Forever 21 the Latest Major Credit Card Hack?

forever 21 store front

Founded in 1984, Forever 21 has been an authoritative fashion retailer for years, though, it seems that the company may be the latest credit card hack victim. This type of news may sound familiar as Target, T.J. Maxx and Michaels, to name a few, have faced similar issues in recent years.


Between March and October certain store locations may have been exposed to a vulnerability involving their credit card payment systems. Forever 21 was notified by a third-party stating that those cards may have been compromised. It seems that the encryption on the credit card readers was not working properly. The retailer acknowledged the potential hack but has not revealed the stores at which such credit card reader issues occurred.


Information on the hack is limited at this time but updates on the specifics of the hack are sure to follow.


For now, experts recommend recent Forever 21 customers regularly check their credit card activity to ensure no issues arise.


You can find the official statement from the company below:

Forever 21 Hack